MoU Signing Ceremony between AUPP Technology Center with LGMS BERHAD

October 25, 2022. AUPP Technology Center (ATC) and LGMS BERHAD signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU aims to provide internship opportunities for AUPP students at LGMS BERHAD to develop Cyber Security Specialists for deployment within Cambodia and the Asia Pacific.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Dararith Lim, Group President & CEO of AUPP Co., LTD, and Mr. Fong Choong Fook, CEO of LGMS BERHAD.

Established in 2005, LGMS BERHAD has built a reputation for integrity, high values, and best practices. LGMS BERHAD delivers professional security services to local, regional, and international clients. LGMS BERHAD is proud to remain uniquely neutral as an experienced cyber security services provider. LGMS BERHAD does not sell auxiliary security solutions, software, or hardware that could potentially compromise its clients’ interests. Today’s MoU will provide for the following:

  • Internship opportunities in Cyber Security for AUPP students.
  • Provide LGMS BERHAD with access to talented Cyber Security and technological specialists in Cambodia.
  • Building a Cyber Security talent pipeline for both private and public sectors.
  • Moves Cambodia several steps forward in Cyber Security and technological excellence locally and internationally.

The AUPP Technology Center, an American University Phnom Penh division, is envisioned to provide a platform for technology start-ups, corporations, and professionals to create value and unlock potential. AUPP Technology Center will provide space, resources, guidance, and mentorship for selected tech start-ups in Cambodia. The goal is to enable them to reach global parity and contribute to the transformation of the Cambodian digital economy. Through ATC, global technology, companies will have better access to Cambodian technological talent and the Cambodian technology market. Moreover, Cambodia will build and access a large cadre of Cyber Security professionals within its borders.

ATC will also provide world-class learning and development solutions to professionals and employers in Cambodia focused on industry-specific and critical management skills development programs. Additionally, ATC aims to provide professional and leadership training programs to fill the skills gap in Cambodia’s corporate growth journey and focus on technical, corporate, and leadership development.

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