Co-working at ATC

Co-work in a secure environment with areas for collaboration. Designed for teams of 1 to many, we have the most flexible workspace in Cambodia. Pick a place to incubate your ideas and be productive.

Our co-work space is exclusive to startups and organizations focused on innovation. If you wish to be part of our network, you may fill out the application form.

Enjoy flexible terms, fixed costs, and plenty of amenities in our co-working space.

Shared Workspaces

Sharing spaces also entails sharing of ideas and network expansion. Our shared workspace houses various small teams, making it brim with great ideas. It’s an office ideal for startups who enjoy a flexible work setup and are interested in meeting other innovators.

Cozy Office Space

We bring the best of working-from-home in an office that induces a professional vibe. Our cozy offices have a modern set-up that allows you to work comfortably on a sofa. It provides a place to rest and a place to get ideas going.

Private Workspaces

Nestled in a community of innovators, our private spaces allow companies to incubate their ideas and focus on growing their teams. It is a secure space that can be filled with all things that make the business great.

Corporate Innovation Center

“Transforming businesses through meaningful connections”

Corporations and startups need support from one another. Our strategic global network paves the way for corporations who wish to innovate and invest in new ideas.

Mentorship and Learning Opportunities

Innovators are collaborators, so we want to help you expand your network. We believe that experts and neophytes can learn from one another, and ATC is the perfect place for mentorship and effective development strategies.

Meaningful Connections

Its more than meeting new people, its about making each connection count. We help corporations find tech startups that match their innovation direction. In the same way, startups receive support that helps accelerate their technologies.

Transforming Businesses

Globalization results in spontaneous innovations that push corporations to evolve. Our experts in ATC innovation center provide efficient tactical steps for business expansion. Aided by mentorship, digital marketing integration, and promotion, we help corporations stay up to date.


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