This course is aimed at people who are new to Excel or who have never even heard of it. You will learn the basics that are required to use Excel in a normal office environment, formatting the page and cell, using formulas to speed up workflow and creating charts.

Instructed by:

Warren Zwick

Warren has over two decades in Information Technology Systems, serving at various companies around the world. Prior to joining AUPP, Warren graduated Cum Laude in South Africa where he was born.

He has a vast range of experience in data center management, payment switching and banking technologies, medical networks and infrastructure, and education infrastructure.

He has a keen interest in IoT, Al and using IT to improve and simplify everyday life, outside of work Warren enjoys socializing, watching movies, and running.


Own laptop, Microsoft Excel installed (it is not included in the course), paper and pen to take notes.

Course Content:

Section 1: What is Excel and what are its parts?

  • What is Excel
  • Creating and Saving Documents
  • Workbooks and Worksheets, Columns, Rows and Cells

Section 2: Working with Data

  • Entering Data in a Meaningful Way
  • Formatting
  • Text Size and Color
  • Changing Row and Column Size Cell Content Alignment
  • Formatting Content of Cells
  • Auto-Fill Features

Section 3: Formulas and Charts

  • Bacis Formulas
    • Add
    • Subtract 
    • Multiple 
    • Divide 
    • Sum
    • Percent 
  • Using Charts to Visualize Data