Customer Service Excellence

Our greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customers as if they are the only one!

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Language: English

Start Date: TBD

Duration: 1 Day

Deadline: TBD


Customer service excellence is related to the attainment of a customer’s desired outcomes, influenced by a customer’s perceived value of the purchased products or services, and affected by a supplier’s understanding of customers’ desires and needs.




Achieve higher customer retention and growth by satisfying customers with plenty of support and an effortless service experience. It’s a straightforward concept; however, good customer service interactions with customers raise the likelihood of business success, maintaining a sustainable competitive edge.

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Deadline: 19 July 2023

About Trainer: Yamuna Sithambalam

Ms. Yamuna Sithambalam is the Assistant Professor and Department Chair for Business at the American University of Phnom Penh. She has 18 years of academic experience dealing with Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Project Management and Entrepreneurship education. She has conducted intensive trainings/short courses for IPMA UK through Scroll Management in Malaysia and has carried out customized trainings for public listed companies in Malaysia. She has also published and presented business research papers at various international conferences in Asia and Europe.